Three is a Magic Number!

I’m excited to say that Two Knackered Girls have now become Three & potentially we could grow even more.

We’ve changed everything from two to three so of course you will now find us here at – but you know this all ready because you are HERE!

If we do grow any further, don’t worry, we shan’t be changing our website every five minutes (far too exhausting!). Everything will remain here – like the Three Musketeers, we aren’t very good at change, so we’ll just stick with the title we’ve got!

Of course we are still All for One & One for All.

All for Evan, actually.

Remember to donate:

or by text: “EVAN70 £5” to 70070 (or whatever amount in pounds you like).

~ Clo x

PS – FREE HUGS to our 1st 10 donators. Oh, you know you want a piece of these girls!


Way of the Roses

Do you think that Two Knackered Girls, with two knackered bikes, minimal sense of direction & ridiculously rubbish fitness levels can cycle the 170 miles from Morecambe to Bridlington?


That’s a lot of miles.


That’s FAR too many miles for us…isn’t it?


& what happens if we get a flat tyre? What happens if we have the map upside down? What happens if we go the wrong way & cycle off the cliffs of Morecambe?


Does Morecambe even have cliffs?


In fact…where the flip is Morecambe?!


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We are going to need a heck of a lot of sponsorship to get us through this one, so get donating now!


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