YOU Decide!

Penny Farthing

Is someone going to make us ride one of these bad boys?

Hello everyone!

As you may have seen we finally have some beautiful pictures of Evan on the site, with thanks to his parents – Joe & Russ – for allowing us to put these up here.

We hope this will help those who didn’t know him to see what a charming, cheeky & gorgeous little boy he was. In all of the pictures we have here his personality shines through.

All the more reason for us to get our thinking caps on & start planning the extra challenges we will be doing in between all the cycling. We’ve had suggestions of beermat building challenges, fancy dress, treasure hunts but we just don’t know what to choose & so we would like a little help from our firends (that’s you!).

What would YOU like to see Three Knackered Girls & their crew undertake?

Could it be like Top Gear, except with bikes rather than cars & total glamour (AHEM) instead of greying middle aged men?

Could it be like some survivor show where we compete to be Queen Tribeswoman & forage for food in the wilderness? (Please say no!)

Could it be that we have a Woman vs Food type challenge every evening? Imagine the bloatedness the next day…!

What could it be folks?


Comment below with your suggestion & share amongst your friends. There might even be a prize for the best suggestion…Ooooooh!

~ Clo x