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Give us all your money!
(All your hugs & kisses too!)

We are raising funds for the Histiocytosis Research Trust in memory of Evan, who left us last year age just 4.

We REALLY appreciate the positive support we’ve received from everyone but you can help the most by giving – whatever you can afford, we appreciate more than anything!

Research & testing is costly so everything given will help take us one step further to solving the mystery of this awful disease.

If you’d like to read more about HLH & the Histicytosis Research Trust then please see: http://www.hrtrust.org/

Most importantly, please GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY by visiting: justgiving.com/threeknackeredgirls

or by texting: “EVAN70 £5” to 70070 (or any other amount you can spare).

This will mean that in future other children & families will not have to suffer in the dreadful way that Evan & his family have.

Thank you so much.


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