Wheely Stupid…

So, when I say that we are Two Knackered (& somewhat clueless in the field of cycling) Girls who will be riding two knackered bikes you may think that I am exaggerating.

Well, for a starter, my own bike currently has no front wheel – so this goes to prove the knackered bikes bit. Secondly, when I sent my front wheel to my Step Dad to get it fixed because I’d diagnosed it with ‘leaky inner tube disease’ I was pleased to see that it was fixed in a flash. Now, though my Step Dad is a competent man when it comes to all that cycling malarkey it still seemed a  ridiculously easy fix & the reason for this being, I discovered was nothing to do with the inner tube, oh no! It was because I hadn’t screwed the valve back on tightly enough to keep all that (so I’m told) rather essential air in there.

Bloody hell! I think we (I say ‘we’, I bet Lal is quietly super at all these things…please god let her be!) may need to learn quickly.

Oh dear lord.

& as for the knackered girls part, I hear that Lal is rockin’ it up at an old folks home with her fabulous gran this weekend & me, well I’m sitting with my leg up after jarring it running up the stairs.

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Horse wheel