One Pound for Evan

Today, 29th May, it is exactly a year since Evan left us.

Our thoughts are with those who were closest to him – those who loved him & who he loved back.

Evan went through so much in his four years with us, including chemotherapy & a bone marrow transplant. He was a remarkable little boy who gave so much & fought so hard.

We would like to ask you to donate £1 today in his memory.

You can do this online at:

Or by texting EVAN70 £1 to 70070

You can spread the word by using hashtag: #1pound4evan

Thank you.


Happy Hampers

ChampagneHello everyone – I hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday sunshine! Who’d have thunk it, eh?

Here at Knackered Girls HQ (which is mainly a spiritual plane of higher silliness as we’re all in different counties) we have started putting together a prize. We’re looking to crowd source a bunch of suitable goodies & have all ready been pledged a couple of bottles of champagne which means we’re off to an EXCELLENT start!

If you are in the Yorkshire area or can post to the Yorkshire area then & think you might have a little something lurking in the back of your cupboard, if you are a dab hand at baking biscuits or chocolatiering (that’s a real thing…honest) & you’d like to contribute then we’d love to hear from you!

Drop us an email at: or by using the contact form below to find out how to get your little something to us!

Please help spread the word. Remember that this is all to raise vital funds for research into the disease which took little Evan from us & will help us get closer to a cure.

Your pot of jam or pack of biccies could help us save a life one day & that’s pretty darn cool, if you ask me! Thanks for reading!

~ Clo

Three is a Magic Number!

I’m excited to say that Two Knackered Girls have now become Three & potentially we could grow even more.

We’ve changed everything from two to three so of course you will now find us here at – but you know this all ready because you are HERE!

If we do grow any further, don’t worry, we shan’t be changing our website every five minutes (far too exhausting!). Everything will remain here – like the Three Musketeers, we aren’t very good at change, so we’ll just stick with the title we’ve got!

Of course we are still All for One & One for All.

All for Evan, actually.

Remember to donate:

or by text: “EVAN70 £5” to 70070 (or whatever amount in pounds you like).

~ Clo x

PS – FREE HUGS to our 1st 10 donators. Oh, you know you want a piece of these girls!