We Need YOU!

The Histicytosis Reasearch Trust, who we are supporting – and who are in turn lending us massive support themselves – are in need of volunteers in all parts of the country.

They have some great opportunities for roles which could help the right person gain or develop interesting and useful new skills.

If you have a few hours to spare each week or month or think you may be interested in any of the following roles then please do get in touch with them at info@hrtrust.org or by calling 07850 740241.

Please find details below:


Part time flexible Voluntary posts UNREMUNERATED.

Role Titles

1) Regional Hub Coordinator

2) Community Liaison Support Co-ordinator


1) Regional Hub Coordinator

Scotland/Ireland/Wales/England North-South-East-West-Central & London

2) Community Liaison Support Co-ordinator

Aberdeen/Birmingham/Bristol/Dublin/Glasgow/Leeds/Leicester/Liverpool/London/Newcastle/Nottingham/ Oxford/Sheffield/Southampton/Watford.


Please contact us on 07850 740241 or info@hrtrust.org for more information.

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