Three Knackered Girls Go Running

Hello strangers…it’s been a while…

…but put away your hankies, and dry your eyes, for the Knackered Girls are BACK and more knackered than ever!

Yes folks, we have been resting since we completed our Way of the Roses coast to coast cycle challenge and we’ve just about recovered. We completed the 170 mile journey which took us from Morecambe to Bridlington in glorious sunshine, with beautiful scenery and SOUL DESTROYING hill climbs – why, oh why, did none of you warn us about those hill climbs, you meanies!? – with grace, dignity and style. Honest.

By doing this we were very, very proud to raise a whopping £1,546 for the Histiocytosis Research Trust in memory of Evan.

We were utterly humbled and overwhelmed by the support we received from both friends and strangers alike. Thank you to everyone who lent us their support and, most importantly, their cash. You have made a huge difference and we cannot thank you enough.

We will, however, endeavour to thank you all by keeping you entertained for another Summer with our knackeredness.

This year, we will not be cycling, but instead we shall be turning our hands – or rather, our feet – to running, by taking part in the Big Fun Run Liverpool which is a 5k run taking place on the 16th of August.

“Five kilometers?!” I hear you cry “I know you’re knackered and all, but 5k is a bit of a breeze isn’t it?!”

Well, yes, now we thought you might say something like that. Come now, do you really think we’d make it that simple? On no, because we shall be running the course dressed as characters from Evan’s favourite TV show – Thomas & Friends.

Yes folks, we will be running under the hot August sunshine dressed in enormously cumbersome and somewhat elaborate costumes made by our own fair hands and we will be doing it, once again, with grace, dignity and style. Honest.

We will also be joined by some friends of ours who are, evidently, as crazy and as knackered as us!

So there you have it.

We will keep you updated as best we can via the wizardry of the interwebs (here, facebook, twitter etc.) and we hope that you will once again get involved with our shenanigans by lending us your support and your cash!

You can sponsor us for this race at






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